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Updated January 4, 2022

Anglican News Canada (anglicannews.ca) is a website platform hosted and maintained by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada (General Synod) for the publishing and dissemination of news and information from General Synod through the Anglican Journal and partner diocesan publications.

A list of current partner publications can be found at anglicannews.ca

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Linking to other websites

There are websites linked to and from this site that are operated by entities external to General Synod and our partner publications. Those entities are solely responsible for the operation and information found on their respective websites. The linking to or from this site does not imply any endorsement by General Synod or of the publishing partners of these websites.

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Ownership of content

Ownership and responsibility of content by partner publications using this website are held by the partner publication. General Synod is not responsible for the content on this platform.

To obtain permission to reproduce any content on this platform, please contact the publication partner responsible for that content—contact information can be found at the bottom of each page.

Our commitment to accessibility

General Synod and its publishing partners, are committed to high standards of accessibility, as defined under the Anglican Church of Canada’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Posting policy

The Anglican Journal and partner publications using this site have their own content posting policies. Refer to the individual publication for its policies.